Girls’ State Junior Championship

Woodward Country Club

Bessemer, Alabama

June 24-26, 2014

Entry Dates:

May 1 – June 16

The AGA Tournament Committee reserves the right to alter any of the conditions and schedules herein. The decision of the AGA in any matter shall be final.
We wish to bring to your attention, or remind you, that when a club graciously agrees to host an AGA championship or USGA qualifying event, it does so at no cost to the either the player or the association.  Therefore, we ask that you conduct yourself appropriately while a guest and take responsibility in the same regard for anyone accompanying you.Also, please be advised that clubs are operating in certain aspects at the direction of the AGA and any complaints regarding availability of cart, fees paid, or available practice times should be directed to the AGA and not the club staff.Thank you for your consideration of all the above. We hope you have a pleasant and successful competition.
Entries are open to female, amateur golfers, who are members of the Alabama Golf Association (have active GHIN number in Alabama); bona fide residents of the State of Alabama, and meet the following age requirements: 9-11 Age Group – Must have reached 9th birthday, but not 11th birthday, by June 24, 2014.12-13 Age Group – Must have reached 12th birthday, but not 14th birthday, by June 24, 2014. 

14-15 Age Group – Must have reached 14th birthday, but not 16th birthday, by June 24, 2014.


16-18 Age Group – Must have reached 16th birthday, but not 19th birthday, by June 24, 2014.


Entries are subject to rejection, or withdrawal, at any time at the discretion of the AGA.


Maximum allowable handicap is 36.0 strokes under the USGA Women’s Golf Handicap System.

The AGA will be the final authority in determining whether or not a handicap that has been submitted qualifies as an “approved USGA handicap”.

Entries are subject to rejection, or withdrawal, at any time at the discretion of the AGA.

Awards will be presented to the low 2 scorers posting 27 hole totals in the 9-11 Age Division, the low 2 scorers posting 54 hole totals in the 12-13 Age Division, and the low 3 scorers in both the 14-15 & 16-18 Age Divisions, as well as to the overall Champion..

In addition, the Champion will have their name engraved on the Bee McWane trophy housed at the AGA office.

All contestants are required to walk. No caddies are allowed.
The dress code at the championship site will be strictly enforced. Jeans are NOT permitted and shorts MUST be “Bermuda” length, or mid-thigh. No shorts approximating “tennis” length will be tolerated and this includes cut-offs, tennis shorts, bathing suits, etc. Shirts must have collars. Any player not meeting these standards will be asked to remedy this situation prior to play.
If you have any doubts as to what dress will be accepted, please ask prior to beginning play.


1. To submit an entry (electronic entries only), simply click the register button at the bottom of this page and follow the step-by-step procedure. All entries must be RECEIVED in the AGA office no later than 8:00 A.M., Monday, June 16, 2014.

2. No entries will be accepted after 8:00 A.M., Monday, June 16, 2014.

3. An entry fee in the amount of $170.00, payable by credit card, must accompany the entry application, $5.00 of which will be donated to the Alabama Turfgrass Research Foundation.

4. Upon successfully completing the entry procedure, an email confirmation will be automatically generated and sent to you at the email address you designate.

5. In the event the field has to be pared due to over-subscription (see Format above), applicants will be notified of the status of their entry as soon as practicable following the close of entries on June 16.

6. Withdrawal: If a player withdraws before 8:00 A.M., Monday, June 16, 2014, the entry fee will be refunded upon request, subject to a $15.00 service fee. No refunds will be made after 8:00 A.M., Monday, June 16, 2014, unless AGA returns your entry for some reason, which could include paring back the field. All dates and time refer to date and time of receipt at the AGA office.

If the entry is rejected for any reason(s), you will be immediately advised of the reason(s), at which time you can correct the problem(s) and re-submit the entry form.


Players MUST register IN PERSON prior to beginning play, or, if playing a practice round, prior to playing the practice round. Failure to do so may result in rejection of the player’s entry. Inquire in the Golf Shop regarding the location of registration.


I am a resident of the State of Alabama.

I agree that the Alabama Golf Association has the right to reject, or withdraw, any entry at any time.

I, as the parent or legal guardian of the participant entering this championship, assume full responsibility for all her acts, whether they be negligent of otherwise, and hold harmless the Alabama Golf Association and/or the host club for any injuries or other damages which he may sustain.


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